Debt induced stress is one of the most problematic plagues that weaken both the mind and body of those it affects. Managing a busy life, keeping a family together, dealing with inherent health problems all these are things that can become quite overwhelming. When we add the constant stress created by being in debt, the feeling that everything you own is in danger of being lost, anxiety, depression, and chronic stress are often experienced. Credit cards are, of course, a useful and beneficial economical element, a tool that helps us make our lives easier and more convenient. But they do come with a price tag that is often neglected – the interest rates and the freedom to buy without any limits are often too tempting, and many people end up owing large amounts of money to their creditors.

Debt related stress and anxiety

The repeated notices, calls, and visits from your creditors remind you just how stringent your problem really is. However, you can use anxiety in your favor, once you learn how to master it. Letting it dominate your every move and combining it with depression is the exact opposite of finding a solution to your financial difficulties. But stop for a second and examine your anxiety, try to see beyond the immediate effects it has on you. You will notice that anxiety and aggravated credit card debt-related stress have an irrational side that is completely blown out of proportion by our own minds. Many self-help techniques recommend escaping anxiety by transposing your mind into a different reality. From one perspective, this works, since it gives you the peace and quiet you need to gather your energies and channel them towards achieving your goal and paying off the debt. However, there are many who never want to return to their own reality and prefer to stay hidden in the imagined universe and this will soon turn into a completely detrimental factor in their lives.

Turning anxiety into an ally

The opposite method is to accept your fears and see them as a whole. Dont try to avoid the situation, dont shift blame on others. Rationalize the reality around you, see why your credit card problems escalated, and brainstorm for ideas on how to solve them. If you run away, they will only grow stronger. Jot down a few ideas and consult with your friends or family, as well as with financial advisors. There are always solutions to getting out of credit card debt, but more than often you will have to invest some energy in finding the one that is perfect for your individual case. The moment when you feel your stress levels reach their peak when your debt-related anxiety seems to be close to bursting, you should put your foot down and start walking your way, the rational way – the “getting out of debt way”.

Affirmations and positive thinking

One of the characteristics we all share is the impression that at certain points during our lives, we are completely helpless. That’s not true and self-pity is an immobilizing and energy-draining disease. Positive thinking is the best medicine against such negative thoughts. It uses affirmations – phrases that define your personality or actions, phrases that you repeat over and over so that your mind can use them as weapons against self-pity, low self-esteem, and anxiety. Repeating the affirmations turns them into beliefs and they become reality, not just some nice words that you would like to associate to yourself. Our beliefs are flexible and we can change them. “Im never going to repay my credit card debt” is often some of the phrases you hear from those who are having financial problems. This negative thought, repeated, out loud or in their minds, becomes their belief, and their actions are doomed to fail. If the same person were to say “I WILL repay my debt” – and complement this saying with the appropriate actions, such as better financial management, a more economical lifestyle, and so on – he or she would turn the tide in their favor. Try to set a few goals for yourself and turn them into short but symbolic affirmations, which you will then repeat as often as possible. Correlate your thoughts and actions and you will soon start seeing the first signs of success.

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